Zimpli Kids - SnoBall Battle Pack

Zimpli Kids - SnoBall Battle Pack

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SnoBall Battle Pack is perfect for snow ball fights – even in the middle of summer

The SnoBall Battle Pack from Zimpli Kids let’s Aussie kids experience the fun of a full on snowball fight without the need for real snow.

Features :

  • Super easy to make, just open the pack, add the required amount of water and watch as it instantly grows into snow.
  • The snow in the SnoBall Battle Pack has a soft and fluffy textures and looks just like the real thing without the coldness.
  • Form it into snowballs or build a mini snowman.
  • Made from stain-free, non-toxic, environmentally safe, and non-irritant materials the SnoBall snow will disintegrate into grass without any issues.

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