Zimpli Kids - Gelli Baff - Lava Red

Zimpli Kids - Gelli Baff - Lava Red

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Gelli Baff Bathtime Goo turns water into goo and then back into water

This is the one and only original Gelli Baff Bathtime Goo. A must have for all children of bath age to bring fun and laughter to the bathroom again.

Gelli Baff comes in four amazing colours with Swamp Green being a favourite but includes Lagoon Blue, Princess Pink and Lava Red as extras for those who love colour as part of a bath. Create magical stories of swamps or blood, rivers of goo and fairytale monsters of the deep, the opportunities are endless and all of them are fun!


  • 100% safe, non staining, easy to clean and otherwise harmless gel.
  • Add the Gelli Baff powder to your bath to turn the bath into a magical swamp or a gorgeous blue lagoon. Then when your kids are finshed playing add the Dissolver powder and the bath goo turns back into water.
  • Manufactured by a leading UK company 
  • Softens and cleans skins as they play.

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